From Here To Over There : Fremont County In The Great War
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The Great War Overseas

Roughly 226 men with ties to Fremont County served during World War I. Many local men followed the call to action and enlisted in the military. A few were drafted into service.

Before shipping overseas, soldiers received military training at one of many military training camps set up around the country. Several local soldiers passed through training at Camp Funston in Kansas.

The local service men operated in many different branches of the military including the National Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Signal Corps. They fought in trenches on the front lines in France, worked on battleships in the Pacific Ocean, and even protected American interests in Nicaragua.

Not all local soldiers were from the United States. A few of the men were born in other countries like Argentina, Sweden, Italy, Scotland, Austria, and Japan.

This photo shows World War I soldiers marching down Main Street in Cañon City; ca. 1917.
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