From the Reel to the Silver Screen : The Movie Industry in Fremont County
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The Silent Movie Era

Motion pictures were still a new form of entertainment when movie companies started filming short silent movies in Colorado. The local terrain and mild weather provided the best conditions for filming the popular western films of the early 20th century. Two motion picture companies, Selig Polyscope Company and the Colorado Motion Picture Company filmed movies in Fremont County from 1911 to 1914. In those days Cañon City was "the Hollywood" before Hollywood, California, became the home for movie production.

This photo was taken in front of the Colorado Motion Picture Company studio located at 232 Main Street in Cañon City.The people in the photograph are actors, movie extras, and employees of the company.The woman sitting on the horse next to the automobile is identified as the actress, Josephine West. The man standing on the running board of the automobile and holding the car's windshield is identified as the movie director, Otis Thayer.
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Motion Picture StudioMotion Picture Studio