Fremont County

Pioneer Women

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While many of the street names in Cañon City are named after early male settlers, many of those men came west with their families. Their wives made the same trek and were just as instrumental in creating the city we call home. This article will highlight just a few of these women, but there are […]


Architecture Styles – Dutch Colonial Revival

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Dutch Colonial Revival is a subtype of Colonial Revival. Between 1880-1910, a small number of Colonial Revival structures were being built. However, beginning in 1910-1930, it became a dominant architecture style. The Dutch Colonial architecture style derived from American settlers hailing from the Netherlands. It was popular from the 1600s until the 1800s. The most […]

Museum Blog


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Up along Phantom Canyon sits a ghost town named Adelaide. It suffered when the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad tracks were washed out, leading to the closure of the company. However, this wasn’t the first cloudburst[1] to bring devastation to Adelaide. On August 1, 1895, the Rocky Mountain News reported that a cloudburst had swept […]

Black History Month

The Holliday Family

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Clabe (possibly Clay) Holliday and his wife, Mary, moved to Cañon City around 1902. The city directory of that year lists Clabe as a porter at the Strathmore, with a residence at 423 N. 5th Street. The couple may have been separated by 1905 as they are listed at different addresses. Clabe was living at […]