Lithia Bottling Company

Lithia water is a type of mineral water than contains lithium salts. It was a popular water to consume at the end of the 1800s into the early 1900s. While there are natural lithia spring waters, many companies instead added lithia bicarbonate instead. Cañon City boasted its own Lithia Bottling plant which used water from the nearby soda springs which had trace amounts of lithium.

This plant was located at 308 Main Street for a short time in the 1920s. It was opened by J.M. Egan in 1922 and, alongside mineral water, the company produced carbonated beverages with fruit flavors. In 1925, J. D. Brown was the manager but the factory had already disappeared from the directory by 1927. The company may have been short lived, but an image of the plant fortunately found its way to the museum archives as a reminder of one of Cañon City’s bottling plants.

Four unidentified people in front of the Lithia Bottling Plant and an unidentified man in a truck, 308 Main St., ca. 1922. Object ID: 1994.035.046; Copyright Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center

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The information presented in this article is compiled using research conducted by the Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center. 

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