Three Weddings and a Divorce

One of the last things you might want during divorce proceeding is for a marriage to occur simultaneously in the court room. One couple had it even worse, with three marriages taking place during their divorce proceedings! An article in the Cañon City Daily Record on October 3, 1912 reported on the proceedings, simply titled “Three Weddings and a Divorce.”

Judge Cooper in county court this morning solemnized three weddings and granted a divorce; making a record in that particular line of judicial experience. The marriages were those of John Roletto and Miss Susan Sassro; Joseph Di Carlo and Miss Ninfa Fazzino, and Joe Fontana and Miss Nota Cresta; all of the parties being residents of Rockvale.

The divorce was granted to Theodore Shoemaker of Leadville from his wife, Ganna Shoemaker, of Park Center. Mr. Shoemaker is connected with the government forestry service and is stationed in Leadville. Petition for a divorce was filed by the husband and no contest was made by the wife. Mr. Shoemaker deeded the defendant all of his property, including a five acre tract of orchard land, and agreed to pay her thirty-five dollars a month alimony. It was during the divorce proceedings that the candidates for matrimony marched into the court room and were married.

It was certainly a memorable day for everyone involved!

The information presented in this article is compiled using research conducted by the Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center.

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