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Great Balls of Fire!

June 24 is World UFO Day, which seems like a good time to share an article from the museum research files. The article was printed in the Cañon City Daily Record on September 21, 1950 and reported on an event witnessed by Cañon City residents.

Local People See Flying “Balls of Flame”

Canon City people were on the band wagon – they too had seen those fast-moving “balls of fire” Wednesday evening.

From a half-dozen parts off the community Thursday came reports of people seeing the flaming balls, as they arched across the skies.

Joe Cresto, who was at the Blue Moon cafe on Highway 50 about 11 p.m., described them as “Pretty fair size and all on fire. A few sparks came off, but there wasn’t any trail of fire like in a skyrocket. They came out of the north, about Twin peak, and headed south, sort of in the direction of Walsenburg. It didn’t take over 10 seconds for them to fly out of sight, which shows they were going plenty fast. They didn’t look like they were very high – I’d say as high as most airplanes fly over town.”

With Cresto when he saw them were Erna Mae Sandner, Canon City telephone operator, Donna Spaulding, Vera Spitzer and Alec Rocco. Other people were there whom he didn’t recognize, he said.

The “flying fire balls” were also reported seen in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver and as far west as Montrose. Guesses ranged all the way from meteors to flying saucers, but Denver astronomers said they weren’t meteors.

You never know what interesting articles you’ll stumble across in the museum files!

The information presented in this article is compiled using research conducted by the Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center.

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