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“Most remarkable and most interesting”

Soon after the museum was opened, the city was proud to share the praise it received by visitors from Denver, Oklahoma, and New York. The displays were much admired by members of the scientific community as noted by the paper:  

Cañon City Said To Possess Fine Museum Exhibit

Cañon City Daily Record

July 31, 1930

“Cañon City possess one of the most remarkable and most interesting museums in the country today,” is the consensus of opinion of the many interesting people who visit the museum exhibits in the Municipal building each day during the week.

“I enjoyed going through the museum here more than I have any similar display which I have visited in my travels,” Dr. E.B. Renaud of Denver, who is in charge of the Archaeological survey of Eastern Colorado for the Smithsonian Institute of Washington D.C. University of Denver, and the Colorado Museum of Natural History, said.

“The thing which particularly impressed me was the unusually interesting arrangement of the displays,” Dr. Renaud said. During their stay in Cañon City Dr. Renaud and his assistant, Dale King, visited the museum three times.

J.M. Wiley, professor of physical science at the University of Oklahoma, who visited the museum Wednesday, was also profuse in his praise of the displays.

“I have visited many museums,’ Wiley said, “but never before have I seen one in which the displays seemed to have as much realistic value and seemed to be arranged so as to convey their historical and educational significance as well as they do here.”

Dr. Torry R. Getz and his son, Edwin H. Getz of Forest Hills, Long Island, New York both of whom are highly interested in geologic formations and in Indian relics, were also very much impressed with the Cañon City museum.

Everyone appreciates a bit of praise every so often!

May 11-17 is Museum Week!

The information presented in this article is compiled using research conducted by the Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center.

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