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Photographers – Misses Mills

The photography studio located at 510 Main Street was sold to the Misses Mills of Chicago in 1901 when George Fricke moved away. There were three Misses Mills: Ethel, Frances, and Katherine. Each claimed to be a graduate in art and upon purchase of the studio, installed a complete set of modern picture taking apparatus. Despite this, the sisters did not own the studio for long, deciding to sell to George H. Kreuger of Salt Lake City in 1904.

Originally known as the Mills Art Studio, at the time of sale the studio was the Mills Photographic Parlor.

Cañon City Record
December 12, 1901
1902 Cañon City Directory

Frances, Ethel, and Katherine were born in Indiana to Isaac and Mary Mills in 1872, 1874, and 1878 respectively. It is never stated if they worked in photography in Chicago before moving to Cañon City. After selling the photography studio, Ethel and Katherine took a pleasure trip to Salt Lake City before visiting relatives in the east. They then planned to make their home in Chicago. Frances had married the year before to Harry J. McCartney in Kansas and passed away in 1953. Katherine married in 1905 to Burton M. Hancock and passed away in 1943. Ethel traveled to France to work in the Y.M.C.A Canteen Services in 1918. Her occupation was listed as a secretary on her passport. She passed away in 1955 and all three are buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Webb City, Missouri.  

Unidentified child, photographed at the Mills Art Studio, ca. 1900. Object ID: 1989.023.075; Copyright Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center

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